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    Frequently asked questions

    Who is required to calculate the carbon footprint?

    According to the CSRD, this obligation applies to large companies that:

    • employ >250 employees
    • their balance sum exceeds > EUR 20,000,000
    • or have more than EUR 40,000,000 in net sales

    In accordance with the directive, the report will include climate and energy information (including information on the carbon footprint in three areas), social and employee information, as well as information on corporate governance. Information on sustainable development is to be presented in a separate section in the activity report. The obligation to calculate the carbon footprint already applies to the 2024 financial year.

    Is it possible to obtain funding for the energy transition?

    Investments related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can benefit from non-repayable and repayable financing. Subsidies, preferential loans with the possibility of remitting part of the liability and other instruments supporting renewable energy sources or energy efficiency (e.g. white certificates) are available.

    What services does Greeners provide?

    We offer our clients legal, business and technical support at every stage of the energy transition and reporting in the field of sustainable development from the concept phase to the implementation of solutions. Customers appreciate our business approach, understanding of production processes and their internal energy management. However, above all, our support brings measurable financial and intangible benefits (ESG), which translate into operational activities.

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    Energy transition of your company

    We specialize in implementing sustainable development solutions that deliver tangible benefits to our clients.