Transformation of your company’s energy economy

Energy transition is the response to the increased costs of electricity, heat and natural gas, as well as the growing number of reporting obligations, unpredictable increases in the prices of greenhouse gas emission allowances, accelerated decarbonisation of the economy, expectations of consumers and business partners.

The transformation of energy management in a company can be a significant undertaking, involving financial, technological, and organizational challenges. However, it is important to remember that every challenge presents an opportunity to create a competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs who strategically adapt to energy changes can reap benefits such as cost savings on energy expenses, access to financing for energy transition and innovation, securing stable and competitive energy supplies, or generating their own low-emission energy from renewable sources. Embracing energy transition can result in an improved market position and long-term sustainability for businesses.

Working with Greeners


Client expectations analysis

During the initial meeting, we identify mutual expectations, scope of work, expected outcomes, methods, timeline, and establish the project team.


Evaluation of energy and resources economy

The first stage of our assessment process is data analysis. Once the data analysis is complete, our project team visits each location of the client, including production plants and office buildings, to conduct a thorough review.


Designing an energy and climate strategy

We leverage our expertise to propose tailored solutions and estimate their impact on our client’s business. Our evaluation includes cost effectiveness, investment savings, carbon footprint reduction, and payback period.


Implementation of the strategy

We support clients through analyses, feasibility studies, preparation of applications for financing, design documents or conducting energy efficiency audits.

Benefits from ensuring sustainable future of your business

Greeners takes on the burden of climate and energy-related business challenges, including technical, organizational, and legal aspects. Our solutions offer a range of benefits

  • Stable and cost-effective energy supply: We provide various ways to ensure stable supply for energy-intensive businesses, including sourcing from external suppliers or utilizing own renewable energy sources.
  • Meet environmental criteria for operational financing: With the introduction of EU Taxonomy, financial institutions require reporting of funding for environmentally sustainable activities. Greeners helps businesses meet these criteria.
  • Access to funding for sustainable investment: Greeners helps shorten the payback period and allow businesses to engage with lower equity capital by acquiring public aid for green investments.
  • Create positive impact: Developing an energy and climate strategy enables businesses to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. It can be showcased to clients, business partners, and financial institutions, highlighting the positive impact of your business.

At Greeners, we provide comprehensive legal, business, and technical support to our clients at every stage of the energy transition journey, starting from the conceptual phase to the implementation of solutions. Our approach is highly valued by our clients, as we understand their production processes and internal energy management needs. But most importantly, our support delivers tangible financial benefits and intangible advantages in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

Partnering with Greeners means gaining access to expert business and technical advice to successfully navigate the energy transition. We guide our clients throughout the entire process of change, from making strategic decisions, designing customized solutions, to analyzing their feasibility and implementing them. Our goal is to ensure that the energy transition not only brings positive environmental impact but also delivers financial benefits and intangible advantages that align with our clients’ ESG goals.

Our expertise

Our seasoned team provides expert guidance in business, technical, and regulatory aspects of the energy transition landscape.
Whether it’s strategic advice on sustainable energy solutions, technical insights on implementation, or regulatory compliance support,
we have you covered. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of sustainable development and reporting,
and achieve your environmental goals with confidence.

Own Energy Sources

PV, wind or combined heat and power units allow for affordable, low-emission electricity and heat.

Renewable Energy Supply

cPPA/vPPA contracts for electricity supply from renewable sources lead to greenhouse gas emissions reduction and long-term price stability.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

We support our clients in calculating and reducing their carbon footprint in three areas, as well as reporting on it.

Net-Zero Strategy

We design and implement strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint.


We support clients in setting ESG goals, designing policies, measuring indicators, implementing strategies, and reporting.

EU ETS System

We provide technical and regulatory advice on aspects related to the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

Green Financing

We provide advice on obtaining grants, preferential loans, green financing for sustainable investment.

Energy Efficiency

We support clients in investments aimed at energy savings.

Non-Financial Reporting

We provide advice on mandatory and voluntary sustainability reporting.

Energy and Climate Policy

We support clients in designing energy and resource-efficient policies and environmental impact measures.


We conduct energy audits of companies, energy efficiency audits, and energy performance certificates for buildings.

Are you ready for a change?

At Greeners, we understand that the energy transition is a necessity now more than ever. Our mission is to provide support to our clients throughout the entire process, from making the initial decisions, to designing and analyzing solutions, and finally implementing them in a way that brings about tangible benefits – both environmentally and financially.

Trusted by Many

We have a proven track record of successfully tackling challenges and turning them into opportunities to create a competitive advantage.